The insane world of high school sports fans.

         Recently I started going to our 2 local high school basketball teams games. It is playoff time so the games are really good. I go with my father in law who has always gone, he really enjoys high school basketball as well as our 2 local college teams. He doesnt watch TV at all so this has been his hobby for many years.

         Last week we went to a game between GAR & Dallas. It wasnt a close game GAR was really taking it to Dallas. But the lady sitting behind us was cursing at the refs, screaming at the top of her lungs, oblivious of anyone around her. Started screaming at GAR that they needed to learn how to play the game right, instead of playing schoolyard basketball. It was shocking, I couldnt believe this was coming from an old lady. In the middle of the third quarter she threw out a few more obscenities and left. She couldnt have left soon enough.

           I have gone to 4 games over the last 8 days, mey alot of older guys that love high school ball. Several guys who used to coach & a guy who played in the NFL. I do enjoy going, the games are pretty exciting.

        We went to a game tonight for our other local team, Meyers. They were playing Mid Valley, both teams had won more than 20 games. It was a great game, kid hit a 3 pointer with 3 seconds left to win it. The guy sitting next to me and about 10 other people who were parents of the Mid Valley kids. Every time Meyers touched the ball these people were screaming walk, travel, charge, kid wouldnt be moving & they would yell for a foul. Whe Mid Valley had the ball Meyers was hacking, reaching,pushing, this went on from the beginning of the game. This gaggle of nut jobs harassed the refs & the kids mercilessly.

            I really didnt have a dog in any of these races but these people were certifiable. These are high school kids, not college, not pro, they in most case are no older than 18. I understand people will cheer & jeer, just do it within reason.

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