Failed Republican Policies

          I was curious about Republican policy, so I looked it up & it is very unnerving. So I decided to compile a small list of failed Republican policies.

1) Clear Skies Act- allowed for increased emissions into the air we breath.
2) Healthy Forest Initiative- allowed the logging industry to prevent forest fires, by cutting down more trees.
3) The Patriot Act- gave federal government right to read your email, snail mail, all without warrants. giving the government the right to check out what books you are checking out of library, to what books you bought from Amazon. they can view your medical records , listen to phone calls, inspect your credit card records to see what you buy.
4) Help America Vote Act of 2002- provided federal money to buy more paperess electronic voting machines from Diebold & ESS, & allowed further use of provisional ballots, which gives states more loopholes to not count these votes.
5) No Child Left Behind Act- universally regarded by educators as having left more children behinf than ever. Bush family & friends are not left behind in making profits from the Act.
6) Creation Act of 2002- many rich corporations were actually able to not only pay zero in taxes as a result of the Act, but they also recieved refund checks.
7) The Do Not Call Act of 2003- have telemarketers stopped calling you.
8) Bankruptcy Consumer Protection Act of 2005- made it almost impossible for consumers to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy & was clearly designed to protect banks not consumers.
9) Deficit Reduction Act of 2005- this obviously is a major flop.
10) Safe Port Act of 2005- would allow Arab countries to own our ports.
             Looking at these bills, you can see the epic failure to help American people. These were all designed to help businesses who lobbied for it. So if you stick a good amount into a Republicans pocket they might even start a forest fire for you.

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