Conservative or Crazy radio show hosts.

Today while running errands I decided to listen to talk radio. My mistake, it is something I regretted immeadiately. I caught about 5 minutes of Glenn Beck blathering on. It then slipped into Laura Ingram & I am sure the third head in this crazy assembly followed it up, Sean Hannity. They have to fire up the conservative base. Locally we do not have a pro-Democrat station. First I hear Beck rambling on about this great Pope. How he was a great leader of the church, a bright light in the Christain movement. These crazy sycophant actually believes God sent him here to fix America, that he is our great hope. Not only does he believe this but so do his loyal followers. I thought it was blasphemous to proclaim oneself a false idol or for that matter follow one . That is not very Christain of our Christain savior. Laura Ingram who I honestly believe is one of the most vile individuals alive. She is a bully behind a microphone. She does not care what she says, to who or who she hurts. If what this women said were true, thank god facts dispute about 90% of the insanity she says, we would be living in the Fourth Reich. She constantly says what an evil man President Obama is. How he is destroying America & treats anyone around him like trash. Seriously like,she would know, the administration avoids crazies like this. Then we have Glenn Becks man child Sean Hannity. He has eaten from the palms of our savior. He does not deal in facts, just lies layered upon lies. He was just called a hack the other day by a Congressional Democrat. If you disagree with him he attacks & does not let you speak. I get so angry about him I have to move on, my hand is shaking. There are other names Limbaugh & Oreilly but I just wanted to talk about these three nut jobs. The fact that Republican leaning voters listen to this nonsense really lowers my opinion of them. But then again the Republicans cant seem to do arithmetic. So not only are they the party of NO, but they are also the party of nonsense.

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