Why are Republicans on the wrong side of American debates?

            I dont understand how a party can consistently be the opposition on issues that the American public wants resolved. If you look at the past year alone Republicans fight the people they should be governing. We do live in a Democracy, right? Someone did elect these people into office. If 70% of the people believe something should happen I think it shoud.

           Lets look at raising taxes. The Republican party, the majority, have signed a no raising tax pledge to Grover Norquist. So am I to assume that Grover Norquist outweighs the American public. As a member of government you arent governing 5% of the people, you are governing 100% of the people. A high majority of Americans believe taxes should be raised on wealthy, corporations, close corporate loopholes & even out the tax code. The Republican party disagrees.

           Gun Control, since Sandy Hook there have been about 2,400 gun deaths. Yet the Republican party does not want to do anything about it. Is it possible that the NRA are filling Republicans pockets? Not just possible, but proven. If over 80% of the country wants stronger gun laws why are we being refused.

         .  Voter laws, anything that makes it harder for a person to vote denies their Constitutional right to vote. The Republican party not only supports new Voter laws, but wrote them. They helped create Voter ID laws, which if you have to pay for ID is essentially a Voter PollTax, unconstitutional. They shortened early voting, making it harder for workers to vote, tried to take away overseas military mens right to vote. Right now today the Supreme Court is deciding the fate of the Voter Rights Act. Why attack voters?

              These three examples show that the Republican party not only disagrees but will also attack American citizens rights. They are obtuse & do not care about public outcry. They lie in order to blame the Democrat party for these problems. We are trying to spread Demicracy across the world, yet the Republican party is attempting to strip our citizens of rights.

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