Immigration Reform, lets get it done.

         Immigration Reform is all over the news. Yesterday people were throwing a fit about President Obamas leaked backup plan. While the GOP has fought his ideas & anything else he tries to do, I dont blame him for having a backup plan. The basics of his plan are;
An earned path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
Qualifying immigrants would be able to apply for a green card in 8 years.
Provisions for Border Security.
A mandatory system to make sure businesses check the work eligibilty of their employees.

        Senator Marco Rubio said it was a mistake for President Obama to craft any kind of bill without GOP input. He then said if President presented the bill it would be dead on arrival. Sounds like a guy willing to compromise, right. Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX) makes an arguement that if you legalize those who are in country illegally it would cost taxpayers millions of dollars. He also that it will cost thousands of jobs & encourage more illegal immigration. Anti-immigrant groups are calling immigrants takers that are leeching off the makers.

        The Senate Bill has the 7 following steps
1)Enforce Borders- They want to increase the amount of border workers & provide them with better equipment. They also want to install ground sensors throughout the southern border to detect illegals crossing over.
2)Free Up Jails- Calls for deportation of all illegals currently detained on federal & local prisons.
3)Verify Workers- Social Security Administration will begin issueing fraud resistant social security cards that would include a unique biometric identifier.
4)Fine Employers- Companies that knowingly hire illegals would be fined.
5)Legalize Immigrants- 12 million illegal immigrants would be given a pathway to citizenship. They have to pass criminal background checks & paying pending fees & taxes. 8 years later they can apply for permanent status. But they will have to show English langauge skilks among other things.
6)Legalize Spouses- They will give legal resident status to what are called permanent partners of US citizens.
7)Amend Visas- Foreign students & workers can get visa on route to green cards. A provisional visa will be given to low income workers although companies are encouraged to hire Americans.

            For something that is being argued the bills are similar. Senate one is a little more in depth but the Presidents was leaked. To go to war over these small things is another example of the polarization plagueing our government today.

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